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World of Warcraft BlizzCon 2016 Press kit

  • World of Warcraft

    Add set to downloads BlizzCon 2016 Legion Box Art
    • WOW_Legion_Box_Art_3D-L.png
      WOW Legion Box Art 3D-L
    • WOW_Legion_Box_Art_3D-R.jpg
      WOW Legion Box Art 3D-R
    • WOW_Legion_Front_of_Box.jpg
      WOW Legion Front of Box
    Add set to downloads BlizzCon 2016
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Key_Art.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Key Art
    Add set to downloads BlizCon 2016 Headshots
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Brian_Holinka.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Brian Holinka
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Chris_Robinson.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Chris Robinson
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Ion_Hazzikostas.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Ion Hazzikostas
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_J_Allen_Brack.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion J Allen Brack
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Jeremy_Feasel.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Jeremy Feasel
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_John_Hight.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion John Hight
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Matt_Goss.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Matt Goss
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Michael_Bybee.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Michael Bybee
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Patrick_Dawson.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Patrick Dawson
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Patrick_Magruder.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Patrick Magruder
    • World_of_Warcraft_Legion_Ray_Cobo.jpg
      World of Warcraft Legion Ray Cobo
    Add set to downloads BlizzCon 2016 Bios enUS
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Brian_Holinka.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Brian Holinka
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Chris_Robinson.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Chris Robinson
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Ion_Hazzikostas.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Ion Hazzikostas
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_J_Allen_Brack.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - J Allen Brack
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Jeremy_Feasel.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Jeremy Feasel
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_John_Hight.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - John Hight
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Matt_Goss.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Matt Goss
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Michael_Bybee.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Michael Bybee
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Patrick_Dawson.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Patrick Dawson
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Patrick_Magruder.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Patrick Magruder
    • World_of_Warcraft_Developer_-_Ray_Cobo.docx
      World of Warcraft Developer - Ray Cobo

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